Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Not finding gi

What i achieved

Set up two working flumotions which i can switch between. One i use for porting and the other is a fully working Flumotion. I shift between the two with activating the development environment [./env bash] on the one i'm porting or on the other one. I know which one i'm using simply by using the "which" command, for example "which flumotion-manager"

I installed snakefood hoping it will help me with debugging along the way.

What problems I'm currently having

I'm having the same problem from the last blog post, but now with the help of "strace" and maybe snakefood i'll resolve it.

First i open two shells and in each i activate the env for the flumotion which i'm porting. Then i start flumotion manager with "flumotion-manager -v -T tcp conf/managers/default/planet.xml"
and connect a worker using "flumotion-worker -v -T tcp -u user -p test". (NOTE: The planet file is a default one without a atmosphere and flow). Then i start "flumotion-admin" but like this:
"strace -f -o ~/Desktop/woo flumotion-admin"

Here's some of the output which i think is the key: http://pastebin.com/9EGp3BdP

First it looks for "pygobject" and eventually finds it, but then when "pygobject" imports "gi" it looks for "gi" and it doesn't find it. The trouble is that it looks for it in  "home/max/Desktop/flumotion-porting/flumotion/flumotion/common/" when "gi" is actually located in "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi".

Some snakefood dependency graphs i made, mostly nothing:

For package.py:
For pygobject.py:

What am i planning on doing?
Dedicate some time tomorrow on finding the root of the above mentioned problem and in the next couple of days hopefully make a successful stream under the new GStreamer.

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