Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some progress and a lot more to do

What i achieved
These are the latest changes -> [e7dc610]

The problem from the last post is solved. The thing was that some modules used gtk2reactor for which i had something in an older post
The key line being "sys.modules['gi'] = None" . After that python cant find gi because it's set to "None", so i changed gtk2reactor to gtk3reactor and got pass that problem.
To find this out printing sys.modules and sys.path in the problematic modules was used.
I also made other changes to the file and i need to make more for all to work properly.

What problems I'm currently having

For now when i try to make a stream i get this:
With further changes to and other modules I'll get the stream to work.

What am i planning on doing?

Fix the errors in the modules which came up in the above linked  traceback.
For some of the stuff I'll maybe need assistance with someone from #gstreamer.
Get the stream to work.


  1. My guess on not finding gi would have been path.
    That this came up after re-installing the OS and making new virtualenvs begs the question "Were the virtualenvs setup the same?"
    The previous post says /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi is the right path, but the default for virtualenvs now is to not include system site packages.
    My recommended fix?
    Look for and remove no-global-site-packages.txt from the virtualenv's python directory.
    My guess for this file is:

    This file is essentially a flag telling the virtualenv's python not to include the system site packages.
    Iirc there is a flag to venv too, --system-site-packages that does the same thing.

    1. flumotion doesn't use virtualenv at all, so not really a cause of the problem.

  2. Please use a spelling and grammar checker on your blog.

  3. > To find this out printing sys.modules and sys.path in the problematic modules was used.

    This description is not useful for someone who is trying to figure out the problem themself. Please be more descriptive. You should explain both *HOW* and *WHY*.